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Diesel Films partnered with top sports agency Wasserman in the production of a national commercial promoting the summer block-buster Spider-Man: Far From Home to air during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It was a long and epic process, re-live our major shoot featuring stars Megan Rapinoe and Tobin Heath.


We chose to shoot with KOWA Anamorphic lenses for a crisp, cinematic look. And the lens flares, of course!

Prior to heading to San Jose, we worked with Wasserman to pick out the Nike outfits both Megan and Tobin would wear.

Views from the road. Seth and Karly packed the car en route to San Jose in time for a production meeting with client and DP.

Once we arrived in San Jose, we did a walk-through with Wasserman’s Chris Parker and Motion State DP Sam Nuttmann.

More of the Diesel Fam, Erik Butts and Sam Burton flew into San Jose that night.


DOH! Two hours before call time, Seth had to take his car to a service station to fix a flat tire. The unpredictability of production life! (The infamous bolt below)

Once we arrived on-set, we started setting up the two RED Monstro cameras we would use during the shoot.

Prepping the Jib we had for overhead shots of Megan and Tobin. Thanks to Evergreen Valley soccer players for being our stand-in’s!

Prepped and Ready

Once Megan arrived on-set, she went straight to makeup, pictured with MUA Emily Sims.

Final Touches

First Shot

We had a portrait station set up outside, so after we finished the locker room shots, we moved on to Megan’s portraits. We had to use the shadiest area to replicate that it was at night.

A look Aaron Poole’s photography station.

First AC Sam Burton as the sun set in San Jose.

Shooting at night was an ambitious production. Gaffer David Mong and his G&E team, set up 8 Arri M-18’s in a semi-circle around the field to give us a dramatic, super-hero look to match the look of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Our goal was to make Megan and Tobin super hero soccer players for the spot.         

Tobin and Megan all smiles.

DP Sam Nuttman utilizing a Freefly Systems Movi Pro to capture Megan in action.

Tobin hammering one into the net.

A last shot of our set before we began to break down. After we wrapped and began packing up cameras and lenses, the stadium lights abruptly shut off and sprinklers came on! Luckily we were able to secure everything so none of the gear was completely drenched.

We would like to thank the Wasserman and SONY team for trusting us with the execution of this national spot! Watch the full commercial here and be sure to support the USWNT as they go for gold!

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