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For the second time in two years, Diesel Films was on-location in Asia, this time partnering with MLB Network. We were proud to send Diesel DP Erik Butts to Japan for the Opening Series between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s. The last time MLB opened the season internationally was in Sydney, Australia in 2014 and two years prior to that, Tokyo, Japan. The Mariners and A’s returned to Tokyo in historic fashion, as Ichiro Suzuki played his final game in front of a packed Tokyo Dome and 40,000 fans. Erik was there to capture it all. 

Check out photos from the trip below, and read the Q&A with Erik Butts by clicking here.



A view of the Shinjuku skyline from the hotel.

Sneaker shopping with Dee Gordon and Mitch Haniger at Worm in the trendy Daikanyama neighborhood of Tokyo.

Dee Gordon checking out some exclusive kicks.

Origami lesson. Dee Gordon was pretty excited about his paper shooting star he had just folded and tested it right at the camera. Luckily no cameras or crew were injured in the test.


My personal favorite option in a Konbini when you need a little something to get you through to the next meal. Quick, cheap, delicious and filling.

Tuna mayo, sour plum, grilled salmon, shrimp mayo, dried tuna, tuna roe, and seaweed.

Bentos at the Konbiniaka convenience store.

Crafty table Japan edition.

Tempura and Soba noodles Teishoku (Lunch set)
Pre ball game lunch.

Yuzu Ramer from a popular gamer chained called Afuri.


Canon C300 camera setup ready to capture the action.

Picnic at the ballpark.

Yomiuri Giants dugout during the exhibition match against the Mariners.

Capturing the exterior of the Tokyo Dome at night.

Close-up shot of home plate using our Canon 70-200mm lens with 2x extender.

Major wireless rocket ship operation here for Japanese TV Steadicam

For the love of Ichiro. Married comedian couple Hayashiya Pei and Hayashiya Pa.

Drone shot from above the Tokyo Dome.


“Ichiro, please!”
The crazy swarm of fans climbing over each other to get Ichiro’s signature.

Ichiro cam positioned and ready.

Stretch like Ichiro
Possibly the secret behind his legendary 28 year professional career.

“Otsukaresama!”  It’s a wrap with our great crew.  

Click below for the epic Ichiro Farewell shot.

Read the Q&A with Diesel DP Erik Butts here.

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