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Diesel Films is excited to grow with our client PSI Sports into year number two of our agency-partner relationship.

The Ventura-based player agency represents top MLB players including Aaron Judge, Scott Kingery and Kolten Wong along with a number of MLB prospects. Our goal with PSI was to build their social media presence, provide them with a consistent branded look and highlight players’ achievements on and off the field every day.

With social media’s evolution, there’s a greater need for providing clients with dynamic video in addition to still images. As people, we process video much faster, which is why oftentimes video performs much better on social than photos with text.

To elevate PSI’s social media presence even more, we created a two-day content capture to gather footage of PSI’s players, workouts and accommodations that make the agency so unique.

Take a peek behind-the-scenes…


DP Erik Butts shooting portraits on the RED Gemini.

Executive Producer Seth Shapiro and Phillies’ Scott Kingery at the green screen portrait set.

A look at the full set with Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

Producer Karly Finison interviewing players with fun, personality questions along with DP Sam Burton.

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After a great Media Day, we filmed some of the early morning in-field training at MLB veteran Jack Wilson’s house.

All smiles with audio tech Leandra Dichirico.

Ryan Kirby, Jake Holmes and Nick Northcut preparing to take ground balls.

DP Erik Butts, RED Gemini + Canon 15.5-47 T/2.8 lens.


One thing that sets PSI apart from other agencies is Coach David “DY” York’s eight-week training program.

Aaron Judge getting it done at the TRX station.

DP Erik Butts filming Phillies’ Corbin Williams

“DY” talking about the importance of his program to prepare players for the next level.

Capturing the PSI training circuit.


After wrapping at PSI, we headed to the Oxnard Coast to film scenics of the beach houses PSI provides for its players.

As PSI brings its players to the next level, we look forward to elevating them as a brand as well.

More to come…