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Q: What was it like for students to be part of a project like this?


A: For students, the initial draw comes from their desire to complete acts of service while doing projects they care about, and working with like-minded individuals. The students recognize a need to beautify their campus and community, but most importantly, they enjoy the novelty of being part of something bigger. They take pride in pointing out that they contributed to something “cool” on campus, and they enjoy rubbing elbows with creative types. For students in the West Adams community, opportunities like this are few and far between, so when something like this arises, it is pretty easy to assemble solid group of student volunteers. Most importantly, although it’s hard work, it’s new and fun for them.


Q: Describe the impact of organizations like Beautify Earth on West Adams High.


A: Beautify Earth has had a large impact on the school in bringing these art experiences and opportunities to the campus. Moreover, BE has exposed the students to the opportunities that are out there to really have an impact on others, on the campus, and on the community. BE has also been one of the very few organizations that has kept its promises to the students. Usually, adults working with this population tends to over-promise and under-deliver. BE has actually exceeded the expectations that the students have had. Students now ask when the next project will begin, because they recognize that these projects actually come to fruition.



Q: What’s the best way to get involved to help increase funding/awareness for arts education in LA schools?



A: Arts specific donations to LA Public, Community schools is a good method. However, It seems to be more rewarding and more impactful to organize these type of Mural Painting events. Not only does it prevent funds from getting lost in the bureaucracy, it allows the funding source to have a direct connection and interaction with the students, the school site, and the community.

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