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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

One of our major company goals for this year was to expand our community outreach and philanthropy. Knowing firsthand the impact that creativity, art and education can have on someone’s life, Diesel Films chose to support Beautify Earth, a local non-profit that helps turn dull walls into beautiful murals in communities around the world. We teamed up with Kid Wiseman, an LA artist who strongly believes in social activism and the impact art and creativity can have on students’ lives.

For our first project, we “beautified” West Adams High School, an inner city high school in downtown Los Angeles. Not only did we want to brighten the mood of the school, but it was important to us to provide students the opportunity to be creative, as many arts programs in LA schools have been eliminated due to budget cuts and greater emphasis on standardized testing. While many states require arts education at all grade levels, these policies are not always reflected in the actual schools. In LA, a number of schools don’t have enough art teachers to offer all four disciplines (dance, music, theater and visual art) required by law, despite being just miles from the epicenter of arts and entertainment.

The blank wall before priming and painting.

The tables below give you a snapshot of how many students are involved in arts programs in the LA Unified School District as a whole and at West Adams High (Source: Create CA). While the number of students involved in arts programs at West Adams High exceeds the district average, it still remains just over half.

West Adams

LA Unified Schools

Since it was the end of the school year and graduation time, Kid Wiseman wanted to evoke a summer vibe for the mural.

Artist Rendering

For Diesel Films, it was especially rewarding to be part of a project that helps instill the importance of creativity and art to the next generation of creators in LA who might otherwise not have this opportunity.

“Art and music programs are being eliminated from public education everywhere, so one of our initiatives is to help promote the creative welfare of our kids who deserve better. It’s amazing how turning a ugly yellow wall into a vibrant piece of art can boost the mood and morale of a community.” – Seth Shapiro, CEO, Diesel Films

Check out our behind-the-scenes timeline below.

West Adams High students helping with Step 1 of the process: priming the wall with white paint.

“I am incredibly grateful to everyone involved and can’t wait to keep the ball rolling. Projects like this have an immeasurable impact in the lives of the students and on their community.” – Tim Gomez, school counselor, West Adams High. (Read the full Q&A with Tim Gomez here)

Kid Wiseman spray painting the Diesel Films logo.

 Sam Burton, Kid Wiseman & Karly Finison 

CREW LOVE! (L-R) Sam Burton, Seth Shapiro, Kid Wiseman & Karly Finison
The finished product!

Special thanks to Kid Wiseman, the extremely talented artist who designed and painted the mural, Sergio-Miguel Cuculiza from Beautify Earth, Timothy Gomez from West Adam HS, the students who helped paint the wall and my team of Karly Finison and Sam Burton who took immense pride in the creation, execution & content capture of the making of this mural. if your organization lines up with our mission, please reach out.

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