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2017 was full of great projects and unique experiences that took the team at Diesel all over the world. When we asked the Fire Squad what their favorite Diesel moment of 2017 was, here’s what they said: 


Erik Butts | DP Hard to pin down just one but I would say seeing Pat Elflein get drafted to the Minnesota Vikings surrounded by his family and friends was one of the more special experiences to have been around this year. Having followed him on and off for three months leading up to the draft, the build-up and payoff in that moment was incredible. Another highlight would have to be enjoying a Michelada with the Fire Squad at Dodger Stadium after we wrapped our World Series shoot.

L to R: Karly Finison, Erik Butts, & Leandra DiChirico | World Series

Seth Shapiro | EP & CEO 
It’s definitely been an action packed year but I always reflect back to the rainy night in Pickerington, Ohio when Pat Elflein was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL Draft.  To be able to document someone’s life changing forever in front of all his friends and family was very, very cool.  Erik Butts & I had the good fortune to party with the Elflein’s late into the night, so that made that shoot even more fun and memorable.  Other highlights included capturing the Brazilian soccer star, Neymar Jr. for Nike, definitely the biggest global superstar we have ever filmed, and being on-field for MLB Network for the first World Series in Los Angeles in 29 years.  Also sending Erik Butts to Shanghai and Beijing to document Russell’s Wilson China tour was a very cool learning experience, our first production in the Far East.  Erik was also able to visit his brother in Tokyo after the shoot so that’s always nice when work and family intersect.  Internally I was very proud of updating our logo and launching our new website, which is always a challenging achievement.

(R-L) Erik Butts, Pat Elflein, & Seth Shapiro | 2017 NFL Draft

Leandra Dichirico | Sound Mixer My favorite moment of 2017 was being able to work with both Seth and Craig Shapiro at the World Series. 
Kirsten Overton | Production Assistant  Before I started working at Diesel Films, I saw “Russell Wilson in China Sights & Sounds” where Seahawks QB Russell Wilson travels to China to surprise the international 12’s. The shots of him exploring China were beautiful and to see the 12’s reactions when they saw him was absolutely priceless. As an outsider at the time, I immediately had an emotional connection with this piece. That is what true storytelling is to me. 

BTS: Russell Wilson on the Great Wall of China

Karly Finison | Marketing Coordinator My favorite moment was Neymar Live, in which we worked with Nike West to capture Neymar’s tour of Los Angeles. It was my first shoot with Diesel so I was definitely both nervous and excited. To be part of such a huge activation — from Neymar’s kids’ clinic at USC, to his appearance at Niky’s Sports in Santa Monica, to the unveiling of Eduardo Kobra’s Neymar mural and block party in East Los — it was amazing to see how everything came together.
I would also add that while it’s always a process ordering new merchandise or brand gear, I was really pleased with how both our new Diesel hoodies and “Dad hats” came out. I loved seeing some of the reactions from our clients and friends upon receipt.
Victor Velasco | GFX Editor It was a great experience to do the motion graphics of the Neymar Sizzle that Diesel Films did for Nike. Since I was a teenager I always admire Neymar and it was a surreal moment to be able to edit footage with him in it.
BTS: Neymar playing with young athletes at Exposition Park | Movi Op Arran Alps 
Lew Holder (Editor): My favorite Diesel moment of 2017 would have to be watching the premiere of the U.S. Open Golf Show. We had been working on the project for months and to finally see it broadcast on Thanksgiving was a really awesome experience and especially cool that I got to watch with family back home. 
[Rory McIroy US Open Specialty Shot]
We look forward to more unique projects and challenges in 2018! Looking to bring your brand or organization to the next level? Say hello@dieselfilmsinc.com! 

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