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Diesel Films was on-location for all four World Series games at Dodger Stadium working with our great partner the MLB Network. While the Boys In Blue were unable to capture what would have been a historic World Series win, it was an amazing experience being part of one of the most epic World Series of all time, with all eyes on L.A.


Check out photos below for an inside look at our experience:


🏆 Power of Positive Thinking: Game 7 Message on the Astros’ Dry-Erase Board 🏆.

Above Top Of Deck from the Elevator Shaft: The Calm Before The Storm

Stars including Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet were in attendance throughout the series. 

Omar Benson Miller of Ballers.

Justin Hartley of This Is Us

🎸 Brad Paisley talks to media prior to playing the National Anthem 🎸.

Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig gets ready to sit down with reporters pregame.

📹 Fire Squad In Action 📹

🔥 🔥 CREW LOVE 🔥 🔥

EP Seth Shapiro


PA Karly Finison, DP Erik Butts, Audio Mixer Leandra Dichirico


Producer Craig Shapiro


70th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s Dodger Debut | Canon 17-120 Cine Glass

Dark skies over Dodger Stadium

MLB DP Alex Agnant capturing the spirit of the Left Field Pavillion with a Canon C300 Mark II flying on a Movi Pro


Once the final was inevitable, had to go find the Astros fan in the Reserve Level.


Pitcher Dallas Keuchel heads to the clubhouse for the champagne celebration. 

ESPN’s Arash Markazi and Kate Upton talking post-game.

Astros pitcher Justin Verlander celebrating with his now wife Kate Upton. 

🍾 Astros Locker Room Celebration 🍾

Until Next Year…

Special thanks to the team at MLB Network:

🔥 Jed Tuminaro

🔥 Dan Pericone

🔥 Patrick Harris

🔥 Kristen Wendland

Looking forward to more projects together in the future!

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