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The Great Wall is one of the most historical sites in China. How did you feel running with Russell and the kids on the Great Wall? Describe that experience.

I just kept thinking this is so surreal. We were filming Russell Wilson running a football clinic on top of the Great Wall of China, those things don’t usually go in the same sentence but because Russell envisioned this event it happened. You could tell Russell was really excited about it. He was running around everywhere directing people into position, asking tourists that were just there if they wanted to join him for a run, you could totally see his quarterback leadership skills coming into play. It was hot and humid but he was able to get everyone to run a section of the wall three times so we could get all the shots for the video. 

American Football culture in China is still in its infancy. What was the impact of the Russell Wilson trip in introducing American Football to China?

There’s a lot of work to be done for Russell to make a considerable impact in China with American Football. Russell is aware of that and is working on building a community and keeping a relationship with fans out there in the longterm. For a super athlete like Russell to visit fans on the other side of the globe, to come to them and spend time with them, and do these clinics where he teaches kids must make the Football fans in China feel pretty special.

Which day/event do you like best and why?

The Great Wall event was definitely my favorite. I’ll never forget flying the drone and following Russell throw a 70 yard bomb from one section of the wall to his manager who was standing on top of a tower further up the wall.

What were some challenges you faced during the trip?

Jet lag, slow internet, internet censorship, the hot humidity, and jet lag. 

What surprised you?

I was surprised by the size of both Shanghai and Beijing, in terms of area and population. I’ve always known about China’s immense population but I could only really begin to grasp that idea once I was there driving through the streets, riding the trains and seeing the endless stream of people everywhere. We also took the bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing and there would be a lot of open spaces but we would ride by these “small” cities with giant brand new apartment buildings, I was told small cities in China have populations of a few million.

Do you have any additional takeaways or things you learned from the trip?

I met many expats during the trip and they all had one common thought; its the best place to be for career opportunities. It seems like there’s a lot of opportunities for westerners working in Shanghai and Beijing whether it’s in media, fitness, marketing, or law and many other industries I’m sure. It was inspiring to hear everyone’s stories on how they ended up living in China for a decade and ended up falling in love with it. China feels rough on the edges, I even heard people call it the wild west, and I think that excitement is also what attracts people to it. Overall I loved the trip and would love to go back there for travel or for work again.