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Ah, social media. Where do we begin? What has become a necessary evil for all businesses is both a blessing and a curse for small companies.

On one hand, you can easily cultivate an image for your brand and show off your great work (for free!), but on the other hand, sometimes you can get overwhelmed with all the different outlets from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat, and the others. Paying too much attention to social media can not only be dizzying and a popularity contest (who likes this and who likes that), but can be time consuming and pull you too far away from what you actually do — YOUR BUSINESS.

Social media can have a huge impact on a small business when it’s leveraged the right way, but is always a work in progress. How are we doing it? Take a look at these Dos and Don’ts for a deeper look into our strategy:

DO Contribute to Your Own Content

I’ve always used outside contractors to run our social media and, while it was finely curated, I think it was hard to convey the company culture, convey personality, and show exactly who we are because that person wasn’t with us. It also makes it hard to be spontaneous.Diesel Films participated in Red Nose Day for childhood poverty

One way we addressed that was by hiring a new associate producer, who has social media built into the job description. Now that we have made that move, we are mixing up our posts with behind-the-scenes photos from shoots, funny videos from the office, technical insights into the camera gear we are using, and of course our ‘Feel The Fire’ edits that our clients are accustomed to seeing.

DO A/B Testing

That leads us to A/B testing. It’s important to tinker with your posts to see what catches people’s attention and what doesn’t.  Like our running man challenge or when we did boomerangs at the NFL Rookie Premiere green screen shoot. They were fun and different.

As a production company, our Instagram was highly stylized but sometimes sterile, so we recently decided to show more fun and more personality. It’s resulted in a spike in engagement as a new and fresh approach.

DO Create A Plan

It is tempting to fly by the seat of your pants with social media, but it’s so important to create a plan – especially when you’re trying to figure out what your audience likes and doesn’t like. By creating a plan, we are able to note which posts did well and which fell flat.

Some people like the high-end videos that we cut that have a lot of edits, music and some great footage. Others like behind the scenes posts, want to know the camera shots, and what kind of cameras we are using. Other people like the funnier stuff like the boomerangs.


It’s hard to get 100-percent likes or follows. You can get caught up in that. I think the biggest thing is just being out there and being active.

DON’T Spread Yourself Too Thin

Social media is a blessing and a curse. It’s definitely a necessary evil for all businesses now and the best way to market your company, get exposure, and visibility.

It’s free, but the problem for small businesses is that you get caught up trying to service all these different outlets – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn. You get so caught up in it that it takes you away from your actual work because you don’t have enough resources to actually produce enough fresh content to distribute through all these channels all the time.

It’s why creating a feasible plan is so important!

DON’T Set It And Forget It

You really need to have someone on there engaging all the time. It’s become a full-time job. Not only is it important to reciprocate love shown to your brand, it’s important to give love for free. If you comment on photos, those people or brands will recognize you and come back to talk about your great work. It’s a way of building social partnerships.

It’s definitely not an exact science. It’s testing. We are testing all the time to see what works. You do the best you can while also doing your actual work, which is client work. So we cannot always get caught up in social media all the time. It’s a challenge.

DON’T Forget to Have Fun!

Doing what we love is a big part of our company culture and it resonates through social media when it’s genuine. If you take a look at some of our recent posts, you can see that we are just being goofy and enjoying being together.

What works and doesn’t work for your company? What have you found to be best practices?

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